Original 21st Century Discoveries Founder President Mr.Nilesh Neel visited Lesgaft University St.Petersburg Russia to understand the Sports facilities and future cooperation between O21CD and Lesgaft for development of Sports in India. Latter Mr.Neel coordinated the official visit of Lesgaft officials in coordination with O21CD to GFDC coordinating the entire visit of Lesgaft team from 5th to 11th September 2011 and initiative in facilitating cooperation between Lesgaft University and state of Goa.”

As a thoughtful endavour Mr. Neel has initiated and coordinated to partner with world renowned university Lesgaft with Goa Football Development Cooperation (GFDC), Goa Sports for purpose of development, design, construction and operation of sports facilities, education and training of teachers and specialists in the sports industry. This positive step will team up in building strong sports foundation in India that will ensure better sport facilities to athletes and gold medal winning champions for tomorrow.

The Chief Minister of Goa Mr. Manohar Parrikar has with open arms welcomed and appreciated the sincere efforts by Mr. Nilesh Neel for coordinating this visit of Lesgaft Russian delegates. The GFDC is overwhelmed by the support and facilities that will be a part of this project. From pure water to better houses, the foundation laid by Mr. Nilesh Neel under O21CD offers the promise of a better tomorrow. He is a promising example entrepreneur who has taken steps to uplift the Indian stratum by introducing modern world-class technologies in India. His is trying his best for contribution to the country that will probably better the lives of millions in this country. “We are thankful to O21CD founder Chairman, Mr.Nilesh Neel for his active role in coordinating the entire visit of Lesgaft team and for his initiative in facilitating cooperation between Lesgaft University and state of Goa.”

Visit Report of the Delegation

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